Monday, 2 April 2007


1- Your influences are reasonably obvious. Do you think the spontaneous formation of the band allowed you to channel the vibes of X, The Saints (etc) without falling into the dreaded contrived, forced retro-trap?

Yeah, maybe. To sound the way we do wasn't a preconceived idea. It just quickly came apparent that it was the best sound we could make when the four of us got together. We all listen to lots of other stuff besides punk and garage, this is just what we can do best.

2- What are your collective musical backgrounds? I understand some of you played in hardcore/metal bands?

Danny started in hardcore and thrash bands when he was a teenager. Up until recently he was still in grindcore band, Demonother. Brad started out as a long haired thrash singer . My first ever jam with other people was when i was 14 with Brad and Danny and we all have played in numerous different things over the years together and apart. This just the first one that's stuck.Brendan has no musical background which I think is probably the reason for his untainted but charming singing style.

3- Please explain your recording technique. Do you overdub at all, or is it strictly live? How much set up is involved? Would you ever consider going for a slick studio sound?

I try not to overdub unless it really sounds like it needs it, although i do have a tambourine fetish. Bugger all set up is involved. I just chuck some mics in front of instruments and press record. I'll probably spend a bit more time setting up next time as I could hear things when I mixed the album that I probably could have done better. But basically , I just want to capture the sound of a band playing in a room as well as i can. I would go for a big studio production if the thats what a certain song needed but so far we haven't had to worry about that.

4- Industry bigwigs are started to exalt the band. The band is getting air-play. The band is playing some larger shows. Even though you've stated that you feel more comfortable playing smaller gigs, all the attention and admiration surrounding the band must be pretty exciting?

Yeah, i guess so. I'm amazed that we have got this far. i'm sure attention will eventually shift but it has been a pretty nice feeling receiving all the positive response for the album and getting to play some larger festival type shows. Its just that I think our type of music suits small venues and the further we get from that, the less sense it seems to make sometimes.

5- Please explain what it was like to play at the big day out? Any after party lunacy?

Nah, not at all. I played and pretty much left. Watched a couple of local bands but had no intention to hang around 30,000 people just to watch Tool, Muse etc.Still, was fun playing and we went down prett well.

5- How much room for experimentation is there within a band like ecsr? Have you ever felt confined by the sound you've chosen?

No. I dont feel confined. I'm happy to try anything as long as it works. The only limitation is what sounds good when we play together. We've only done one album so I'm sure things will naturally evolve in different directions without needing to be pushed.

6- I understand a number of band members are working in the ''biz''? How do you muster up the drive to play/write music when you are constantly surrounded by/immersed it?

It's only me that works in the "biz" and even that's probably a stretch of the term. I run a vinyl pressing plant. Great job but not very "biz" like.

7- What is your demographic? Have your shows brought any old heads out of the woodwork? It's hard to imagine tight jeans, fringed, members only jacket, casio-synth bands/fans being into your band.

We get a lot of 40 year old men that havent been to gigs in 15 years and a heap of younger trendier people. We play a lot of different shows with a lot of different bands so it depends on the lineup. For some reason,we seem to get away with playing hardcore shows and trendy synth shows and most people seem to like it.

8- Your sound is unashamedly Australian. Have you found it difficult to be taken seriously on a world stage? I find the upper echelon of Australian bands often have sense of humour and stylistic foundation that is often far superior to contemporaries from the USA , UK (etc), yet they seldom garner the attention they deserve.

We havent tried to take it to the world stage stage so its not really a problem. I am getting nice emails now from Europe and America from people that have bought the record. A lot of people from other countries appreciate its Australian-ness, but i dont think that appreciation will happen on a larger scale. I dont think what we are doing is really chart threatening material.

9- On a similar topic, Australian culture is so often lampooned by the international community. Neighbors and Steve Irwin(RIP) aside, do you think this is a valid criticism? What are the most cringe worthy aspects of Australian culture in your eyes? Houseboat Horror?

hmm. tough one. zany romantic comedies? a pretty bad track record with sitcoms and sketch shows? I'm not sure . I think we are no more cringeworthy than the next country , its just that we are naturally more self conscious of it. At least we have a rock n roll history and culture that we can proud of.

10- Have you started writing new material? What is coming up next for the band?

Yeah, we have enough songs for another album so hopefully ew record that this year and put it out as soon as we can.